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We live in a "cancel culture"!
Me & The Boss #Friendship

We live in a "cancel culture"! This place where there's no room for mistakes, mishaps, or missteps. Can't possibly just be having a rough time and are in need of support because people are so in their feelings and focused more on their strong cutoff game than meeting a real need. This culture enjoys uncovering people - literally snatching the bandage right off the wound to be exposed to the outside elements (naysayers, onlookers, tabloids, gossips, and the like). For some, exposure with the purpose of embarrassing or adding insult to injury wasn't the intention, but it was, in fact, the outcome.

We've hit a place in our culture where social media connections are the only relationships we can truly maintain (may I suggest that this might be because it doesn't require much effort?). We don't know how to communicate to understand and be understood. We communicate enough to respond.. or should I say, react.

Reader, today, my challenge to you is to show yourself friendly.

Reader, today, my challenge to you is to show yourself friendly. What does this mean? It means choosing to have an unconditional positive regard toward others, focusing on the good, taking the time to truly see people beyond a screen and seek to understand them, covering wrongs/ mistakes, and adjusting their crowns.

It's time that we exhibit the character of Christ by His spirit. It's time that we see an ailment and choose to cut a hole in the roof to get our friends to Jesus. It's time to MAKE time to spend with them just to exchange hearts and share experiences.

Friendship is a vital component to a healthy life.

Friendship is a vital component to a healthy life. As we're nearing the end of 2020, you're working out, and you're drinking your water (LOL) - take a moment to search your heart. Ask yourself and others: "How can I be a better friend to you this week? How can I love you better this week?" You'll be surprised what kind of answers you'll get.

With love, Monique Darden

Instagram: @iseekhisheart

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